South Carolina Post 250 Indian Land

Who We Are

Our Post was formed in 2016 at the suggestion of our founder John Marker, who recognized the need of a Post to serve our Veterans and the community of Indian Land. He gathered together Veterans he knew of and a formation meeting was held on June 6, 2016. The formation team submitted a temporary Charter to the State Depatment on July 9,2016 with 37 verified members. The charter was approved by the Department on July 9, 2016.

Our founding officers are Commander Basil Jerry Marcus, Vice Commander Roger Phillips, 1st Vice Commander Richard Steininger , 2nd Vice Commander Jame Reese , Adjutant William Chick, Chaplain Marvin Gallaway, Sgt. at Arms Elizabeth Leagon, Historian Diedre Healon, and Service Officer Sam Barber.