South Carolina Post 250 Indian Land


Post Acheivements and Recognition for American Legion Year 2018/2019

W.M. McLaughlin Post Commander Acheivement Award. Commander Richard Steininger

Certificate of Meritorious Service. Commander Richard Steininger

2019 Department's Julius H. Walker Post Acheivement Award, Post 250

Post Membership 100% Number One Plaque, Post 250 (Third year in a row)

National Commander Brett Reistad Personal Pen and Coin. Richard Steininger, William Chick.

Autographed Photo 2018/2019 National Commander Brett Reistad. Post 250.

Jr. ROTC American Legion Awards

General Military Excellence. Tobyn Thibodeau.

Scholastic Excellence. Paige Clafin.

People of the Year

Traffic Safety Award. Nicholas Richards.

Law Enforcement. Officer Matthew A. Carroll.

Bravery Award. Dustin Dailey and Peston Simpson.

Fireman. Jorge Perez.

Teacher Debbie Parker.

Outstanding Boy Scout, Jared Tyler Collins.

Legionnaire. Samuel Barber.

Palmetto Boys State.

Karin Keanu, Dougherty Chase, Michael Rosallo, Xavier Dreese, Grey Reeves, Zane Abrams.

Law Cadet. Kenneth Scott Barrett.

2019 Membership Incentive Program Pin.

Richard Steininger, William Chick, Elizabeth Leagan, Samuel Barber, Ruben Arecco.

Lancaster County Veterans Council Members.

Samuel Barber, Richard Steininger, William Chick.

Projects taken on by Post members for this year

Sun City Carolina Lakes Veterans Golf Tournament concessions.

National Guest Francis Gary Powers, Jr, lecture and book signing.

Last new member for 2019, Eric M. Pillmore.

William H. Peace turned 90 years old.

Jacky Bayne received a certificate from National Commander Brett Reistad in recognition of 50 years of American Legion Membership.